mercoledì 30 maggio 2012

Sahariah, Speaking Silk Veils

Fire Breathing Dragons © Silks by Sahariah
Tales of whispers. The first time I saw Sahariah’s veils, I was astonished by all these poetic names, soaked in color.Let's go inside them.

di Luca Ferrari,
journalist/photoreporter – web writer

Arabian Nights. Blazing Desert Sky. Glowing Sunsets. Ethereal skies. Exotic Birds. What else? Waterfall Oasis. Exotic Glow Moths. Island Bloom. Midnight Seas. Fires of Doom. Flaming Hearts. Templars of Steel. This is not a titles’ list. These are veils for bellydancers. The first time I saw Sahariah’s veils, I was astonished by all these poetic names, soaked in color. I had to know something more.

“My inspiration for dyeing silk veils comes from passion for Bellydance. My ideas are intertwined together with imagination and creativity” explains the American artist Sahariah “resulting in Danceable Art, where the silk practically dances by itself”. A whole world with no bounds. A universe made by Middle East and its culture, heavy metal bands, art, objects, fantasy art and anything in Nature.

The result is something mysterious with an exotic flare. The result is a rainbow without end or beginning. Now, her most recent works are inspired by Persian model-bellydancer, Foroogh Mahafsoun, and Portuguese model/bellydancer, Kahina Spirit. “My goal is to have each veil speaking” she happily admits, “as each piece is full of mystery and has a story to tell”.

Tales of whispers. The wind follows her hands. I'm sure her veils now have something new and magic to give and communicate. These simply are the Sahariah's dancing silk tales.

Blazing Desert Sky © Silks by Sahariah
Peacock Roses © Silks by Sahariah
Exotic Glow Moths © Silks by Sahariah
Glowing Sunsets © Silks by Sahariah
Arabian Night, la danzatrice italiana Viviana Ammannato © Silks by Sahariah
Exotic Lady of the East © Silks by Sahariah
Island Bloom © Silks by Sahariah
Enchanted Moths © Silks by Sahariah
Ethreal Skyies © Silks by Sahariah
Egyptian Evening © Silks by Sahariah
Templars of Steel © Silks by Sahariah
Exotic Birds © Silks by Sahariah

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